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ART CONSTRUCTION MGT. INC.(ACMI) helps artists span the distance between what they want to do and what the art materials will allow them to do.  

Hello.  I am Martha Bergman, a painter and retired founder of Gamblin Artists Colors.  I worked for almost two decades with teams of artists and artisans who shared my intention to make world class artists' oil painting materials. Our mission was to serve painting by making artists' quality materials; and to serve painters by making technical information available, including pigment index numbers and lightfastness ratings.  

About 30 years ago Jo Cronin, Bob Gamblin and I established our first color factory.  In the second color factory we moved from an artisan workshop to a small manufacturing company.  In our third factory, we moved from an old 19thC manufacturing style to a 20thC lean manufacturing system to increase creativity and flexibility.  To every worker - thank you. 

After decades of running a color factory, my goal was to retire to my studio with time enough to use art materials instead of manufacture them. I am also able to spend more time helping painters master their materials. And I get to paint just for the immediate experience of moving colors through a space shaped by a gessoed panel or terra skin paper.  With educated opinions about whether or not the materials will adhere correctly over time, I experiment with new materials and mixed media.

I like the process of painting. Every painting is a new clash of materials and mind.  There are always risks using experimental materials and techniques but potential for great reward.